Started new VBird record this year 

       A new Viva Bird record for 2019 has already started this past year in between CCat sessions. About thirty or so tunes are recorded and more songs will be finished as both instrumentals and tunes with vocals as the new year goes on.

New VIVA BIRD Record WONDER FULL Volume One 

A brand spankin' new VIVA BIRD record will be released on October 11th 2016 titled "Wonder Full Volume One" This is the first collection of songs recorded by Viva Bird from 2010 to 2015 that have never been released. Sixteen tunes that did not fit on previous albums and soon to be available for one affordable price! As time marches on the band will release more volumes in this series "Wonder Full"

MOON ROCK now available on CD via AMAZON 

 MOON ROCK by Viva Bird is now available in the CD format exclusively via AMAZON. Originally released as a download only on all the regular sites such as CDBaby, iTunes, Google Play, etc. The record can now be purchased in the compact disc format. Just click on the MERCH link to get the direct AMAZON page with MOON ROCK!

Lots of NEW Viva Bird Songs for 2016 

 Viva Bird have many new original songs recorded with even more in various stages coming down the pipe line for 2016 and 2017. Many of the tunes feature all three members of Caution Cat and a few special guests. A lot of the songs will feature acoustic drums along with electro loops and include vocals as well as instrumentals. Over the next six months we will be putting up some of the new work on our streaming player so be sure to check back every week for updates. Please grab a copy of Viva Bird's fourth…

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Moon Rock released today! 

  Today is the official release for the new Viva Bird record titled “Moon Rock” with ten original instrumentals. Genre influences include electro, rock/pop/alt, soundtrack, funk/disco/dance, etc. The album is available on Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, Google and many other sites catering to music downloads and streaming. A hard copy of the CD can be purchased via Amazon also. You can play each song individually here for free by going to the “music” tab at the right side menu of this page.  

Viva Bird song on Coast2Coast Mixtape 

   Viva Bird's instrumental "Tom Tom & Jo-Jo" has made the Coast2Coast BeatBangers Mixtape Vol. 6 at number 50 out of 50. The song is one among twelve tunes on the album Rainbow Low Fidelity from 2013. The record is available on Amazon, iTunes, CDbaby & Bandcamp among many other streaming sites. You can play every song in its full length glory on the Bandcamp & CDbaby sites so click the link "Merch" on this site for easy access. The link below plays…

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Moon Rock record UNRELEASED 

  Check out an unreleased record from Viva Bird titled MOON ROCK. The album never got released in 2014 but may see the light of day in the future. Right now most of the songs are under the MUSIC link along with many other records. There are also some outtakes in the MISC - VIVA BIRD section. The site's MP3 player at the top of the page also features many tunes from the Viva Bird catalog. Songs from the debut record Traffic & Trees are playing in the USA and UK on NUVO, Netflix and Comedy Central.

Moon Rock & Superfresh 

   Moon Rock & Superfresh is not a Saturday morning cartoon for kids although it should be. Its the latest goings on: Viva Bird have a new record tentatively titled Moon Rock coming out in the autumn of 2015 with ten instrumentals. The song Superfresh Springroll from the Rainbow Low Fidelity record is number 37 on this week's Coast 2 Coast Mixtape indie top 50. The chart is heavy on hip-hop/rap but Superfresh featuring Snoop K is on there regardless. The magazine is in print & online with over 100,000…

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The Chaos Kids Record Now Available 

    The Chaos Kids record by Viva Bird is now available for download on Amazon, iTunes and various other streaming services worldwide; and on Mars. Cool new album cover artwork taken at sundown outside the demo studio. Twelve instrumentals total on the record with outtakes/demos streaming on the site music player.  

Viva Bird misc info update 

   The song Here Comes Monday from the Viva Bird album Traffic & Trees has been placed in the trailer for the independent movie Good Night. The comedy drama was shot in Austin Texas and stars Alex Karpovsky from the hit HBO show Girls. The record Rainbow Low Fidelity is now available on Amazon, iTunes and other streaming download sites. On the CD Baby website both downloadable Viva Bird albums will be available for the low price of $4.99 so please get a copy or two. CD Baby is musician friendly and a great

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