This song was written on a 1980s acoustic guitar and this version highlights the instrument on the intro. This unmastered remix also brings up the level of the pianos and lead guitar licks throughout and adds an extra chorus at the end of the song by digital edit on the Korg 32 multi-track. Chris played acoustic drums, tambourine and shakers. A few mics from the drum kit are muted on this version. VJ sang lead vox and played electric guitars (Fender Tele/Gibson Les Paul) through a Fender amp. Although the Yamaha bass was tracked with heavy compression and dialed down on the high end eq it still has a nice attack/growl. Additional keyboard tracks include organ and two piano sounds: a saloon piano and an upright piano panned right & left all from a Yamaha synth. Lyrics definitely influenced by over saturation in the media of vampires/werewolves/zombies and a bit of an opposites attract theme. Original working title and spelling of the song was The Silverboy as two words instead of three.