From the recording We Overdosed On Stories

"We Overdosed On Stories" the original album version from Bombs Away! This record was the first Caution Cat release to employ acoustic drums on every song and the first to be recorded on a Korg 32-track recorder. The whole song was written around the electric guitar riff played on a 74' Univox guitar and ran thru a Zoom 16-track distortion effect in stereo. The clean two string guitar solo was played on a 04' Paul Reed Smith with a capo on the seventh fret. The chorus includes a Hohner Melodica and the mid section breakdown features piano and various weird sounds from a Korg synth. Chris played drums/tambourine and Karen sang harmony vocals along with mixing the guitars. VJ sang lead/played acoustic guitar and added organ on the chorus. Additional mixing and mastering by Lance Koehler. There is also a 2012 remix that has not been mastered but is a mixdown straight to cd from the Korg multi-track. That version is available under the Misc-Caution Cat on the music page.