From the recording Show Business Donkey

The title Show Business Donkey is taken from the movie Private Parts. The scene is with Baba Booey and a married couple in Times Square and the husband wants his wife to get topless for the cameras. Great movie and a very funny scene. The chorus lyric is from an elderly women who was overheard telling her grandchildren “I like The Rock n Roll!” in a Walgreens. The verse lyrics practically wrote themselves. The song may be about the music business or being a performing monkey; not really sure. Karen sings and plays a tenor bass and a Fender Telecaster with alternate tuning. VJ sings lead and the electric guitar parts include a Fender Tele and a Paul Reed Smith guitar through a borrowed Carvin amp. Thanks to our architect/guitar playing friend Scott Gordon! Yamaha piano and a Guitar Works acoustic guitar are overdubbed on the chorus and middle eight. Chris plays some mean low toms on the acoustic drum kit and tambourine. Lance Koehler of Minimum Wage Recording did further mixing and final mastering.