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    Featured music: Four songs from Fortune Fire Fly and a bonus tune featuring Karen Shealy on slide electric guitar/bass and vocals, VJ Jones on vocals, guitars/bass and keyboards and Chris Williams on drums & percussion. Once upon a Life started as a synth based Viva Bird instrumental but turned into a CCat song after vocals & guitars were added. I got my Reasons was written and recorded on an acoustic guitar that was run through an amp with built in overdrive. Silver Boy and Love Famine are here in the original mixes from the album. Karen plays slide and sings on Famine. Bonus tune: Newspaper Trout was recorded during these sessions with a drum machine as a guide until Chris could overdub acoustic drums but we never got around to it so the song was later released on the Heavy Light Years record with drum machine track intact. Link below for Fortune Fire Fly CD and download. 

    This week's featured music are several songs by Caution Cat & Viva Bird that have appeared on the TLC television show LA INK starring Kat Von D. Replays of the various episodes recently include Nuvo/Fuse TV, Netflix, Comedy Central in Denmark & the United Kingdom. The Caution Cat songs Birdhouse, Gift of Gab, Lean on Somebody & I Got Maria are from the Show Business Donkey album. Chris Williams plays acoustic drums and percussion, Karen Shealy on bass, vocals, guitars, trumpet & trombone. VJ Jones sings, plays guitars & keyboards. The link below is the Amazon page for the Show Business Donkey record. All vocals and instruments on Scissor Singer by VJ Jones. This song is from Viva Bird's debut album Traffic & Trees.

   The Caution Cat song Thats Rose E is featured on the Coast 2 Coast "WeWorkin' mixtape no. 626" the song lands at number 29 of 67 tunes. Sounds like mostly hip hop groups on the collection so this CCat tune sounds a bit out of place. Oh well. The link below is for the Coast 2 Coast mixtape mp3 player and website.

Song of the week or the newer FEATURED MUSIC will have album cuts, remixes, demos, song themes and many other musical goodies from Caution Cat and Viva Bird records/archived material. Song of the Week and Featured Music will be archived in the "RETIRED" link at the bottom of this page.

General Info - About Featured Music & Song of the Week

             Link for all 3 Viva Bird double e.p.s available only on YouTube: Call The Sharks, Imperfect Strangers & Prize Tiger. Each e.p. contains 8 songs composed of found sounds and voices from YouTube and band recording demos. Each piece of music features many parts from different decades. Frankenstein multi-tracking?                                                 

Click on the link below to view "The Session Dairies" first trailer from season one of the Grow Music Project. The web series will air in February of 2014. This sneak peek video features the first round artists recording their music with producer Christopher Tyng at his Star Hill studio.

Coast2Coast Mixtape Magazine's top 50 featuring Viva Bird Link

Click on the link below for Caution Cat and Viva Bird videos. This YouTube channel features music streaming including outtakes, E.P.s & misc stuff not available anywhere else.

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