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Retired: Past "Featured Music & SOTW" Entries

 Featured Music: Songs from Viva Bird recorded in the last few months and some from last year's CCat sessions. There are now 14 songs up with new June mixes on 12 of them. Forgot to remix Filo & Brass Balls. These are rough mixes and works in progress that will go through a few more changes before being finalized for mastering if chosen for a new record. Excluding the bass & guitars all the music is made with a Casio CTK-3200 keyboard run through a digitech guitar FX unit, a Gakken SX-150 analog synth, a Tom Cat analog drum machine and a Zoom drum machine. Percussion includes metal candle holder, chop stix, salt shaker and empty food/drink containers including stray household items made of metal and plastic. All sounds made by VJ Jones with Chris Williams acoustic drums on Jungle Traffic. The link below is for the Viva Bird CD baby page.

Featured Music includes several tunes from the 2017 Caution Cat album Love Cuts. Some outtakes and remixes from the recording sessions coming soon. The link below is for the iTunes page of the band featuring Love Cuts.

      This week's featured music are four cuts from Between Songs circa 2008 recorded in Churchill Hill VA. This 12 song album was a collection of unfinished ideas that we completed and outtakes from the first three Caution Cat records. All the songs were recorded on a Zoom 16 track multi recorder and a bit from a Boss Br-8 eight track multi-recorder. Kim OK is on the fourth season DVD of NBC's Friday Night Lights television show. This was the first appearance of drummer Chris Williams and Karen Shealy (Wood Stove) on a CCat record. Scott Gordon plays dulcimer & mandolin on Summer Weeds. The link below is for the Amazon page containing the CD (new & used) and download for Between Songs.

   Featured music this week are four songs from the Caution Cat album Eighteen. Released in 2007 the title is based on the amount of songs included on the record. Matchbook History was played in the Regal Cinema's theatre chain in 2008. Centipede was placed in an episode of lonelygirl 15. The music was recorded on a Zoom 16 track digital recorder in Church Hill VA Summer of 2007. The link below is for Caution Cat's iTunes page. 

    Featured music is from Viva Bird's record Rainbow Low Fidelity. Superfresh Springroll features the vamped vocals of Snoop K with additional handclaps/back-up vocals added during mixing at Minimum Wage studio by studio owner Lance Koehler, VJ Jones & Karen Shealy. Breeze Out is a lounge spy theme instrumental written with a Alesis SR-18 drum machine and a Korg Electribe SX. Witches Wobble features three bass tracks played on a Fender Jazz, Yamaha and Ibanez basses. Nice Orbit features every VBird synth and a Hohner Melodica. The link below is for Viva Bird's Amazon cd & downloads page.

    Featured Music this week are four tunes from the 2017 record Love Cuts. Coming soon are alternate mixes and outtakes from the recording sessions.

     This week's featured music are a few tunes by Caution Cat in the genre of electro-rock. A couple of years before Viva Bird came along to highlight synth and keyboard musical ideas CCat had a few guitar-less rock tunes. All songs were recorded on a Zoom 16-track digital recorder. The Yamaha DJX keyboard and a Zoom RT-123 drum machine are the main instruments. Find Yourself from Between Songs is on an episode of NBC's LIFE and Number Two from Eighteen can be heard on an episode of Friday Night Lights. On iTunes Bug in the Dirt is moving downloads on the band's top ten best selling singles list for some reason with no media placements. The Insect is a weird minor to major chord song written on piano that was originally an instrumental. Lyrics and vocals were added much later in the recording sessions. The link below is for Caution Cat's CDbaby page.

    Featured music: Four songs from Fortune Fire Fly and a bonus tune featuring Karen Shealy on slide electric guitar/bass and vocals, VJ Jones on vocals, guitars/bass and keyboards and Chris Williams on drums & percussion. Once upon a Life started as a synth based Viva Bird instrumental but turned into a CCat song after vocals & guitars were added. I got my Reasons was written and recorded on an acoustic guitar that was run through an amp with built in overdrive. Silver Boy and Love Famine are here in the original mixes from the album. Karen plays slide and sings on Famine. Bonus tune: Newspaper Trout was recorded during these sessions with a drum machine as a guide until Chris could overdub acoustic drums but we never got around to it so the song was later released on the Heavy Light Years record with drum machine track intact. Link below for Fortune Fire Fly CD and download. 

    This week's featured music are several songs by Caution Cat & Viva Bird that have appeared on the TLC television show LA INK starring Kat Von D. Replays of the various episodes recently include Nuvo/Fuse TV, Netflix, Comedy Central in Denmark & the United Kingdom. The Caution Cat songs Birdhouse, Gift of Gab, Lean on Somebody & I Got Maria are from the Show Business Donkey album. Chris Williams plays acoustic drums and percussion, Karen Shealy on bass, vocals, guitars, trumpet & trombone. VJ Jones sings, plays guitars & keyboards. The link below is the Amazon page for the Show Business Donkey record. All vocals and instruments on Scissor Singer by VJ Jones. This song is from Viva Bird's debut album Traffic & Trees.

This weeks featured music are several songs from the Viva Bird album The Chaos Kids from 2013. To play all 12 songs individually go to the music page and open the record's link. If you have Amazon Unlimited Music you can stream all the Viva Bird records from beginning to end. The link below is for the Viva Bird Amazon page. All songs written & played by VJ Jones with additional mixing & mastering by Lance Koehler.

--------This week's featured music are all twelve songs from Love Cuts and six outtakes from the same recording sessions. All music & vocals by VJ & Karen. Mixed by VJ, Karen & Chris. Mastered by Lance Koehler.  The link below is for the Amazon Love Cuts page. The new album is on sale at the CDBaby site.

   -------------------- This week's featured music are four cuts from Heavy Light Years (2016) Many of the songs from this album and the 2015 album Lucky Number Eight will be remixed and mastered and released along with many outtakes and rarities sometime in 2018. Coming weeks featured music includes outtakes from Love Cuts and selected songs from the band's new record streaming free for Christmas along with new Viva Bird music!

 This week's featured music are all 12 songs from the Caution Cat album Love Cuts. The official release date is Friday November 10th 2017. All the music was recorded on a Korg 32 track machine and mixed by VJ Jones with additional mixing input from Karen Shealy & Chris Williams. Karen sings, plays slide guitar, percussion and trombone. VJ sings, plays guitar, keyboards/synths, bass, percussion & melodica. Album fun facts: This is the first record since Between Songs that Chris unfortunately does not play drums on because he lives 1000 miles away from the home studio. Many new songs do have open tracks for his drums in the future. This is the first CCat record to be recorded in two different states, VA & NC. This is the first record to include no ukulele. Mastering by Lance Koehler at Minimum Wage Studios in Richmond VA. All songs written by VJ Jones Foo Bear Music (BMI) The link below is for our iTunes music page.

November 10th 2017: Love Cuts by Caution Cat is now officially released today on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and about 30 other music sites. You can read about some of the recording session details by scrolling down this page. We will also be posting outtakes and demos from the sessions in the near future. Cd Baby has the album on sale for a limited time for $4.99. Link below is for the iTunes Love Cats page.

Two outtakes from the Love Cuts sessions. While the new record is being mastered here are some songs not on the new twelve song release Love Cuts. Unmastered rough mixes of Swim in the Sky and Dream Days.

Week Five: Some outtakes (Oct 22, 2017)

Week Four: Moving Me was written and recorded in the Spring of 2017 from an idea found when going through older unfinished song demos circa 2010-2011. Although now a guitar dominated song it was originally written using a bass synth keyboard. Chords are E, A, B, F# to A7 for the verse. Chorus is D, G, Bb, C#, Ab, D, A, Eb, Bb to E. Alibi Lullaby was written in 2013 and a new recording was made this year from the 2013 basic tracks. The original bass and lead vocal are still here and new '17 dubs include distorted piano, spacey synths, acoustic guitar, acoustic percussion and two drum machines: Zoom on the first half and Casio on the outro second half. Fixing the Heart was written and recorded in the Spring of 2017 on an acoustic guitar. Overdubs include melodica, piano, synth and lead electric guitars. Percussion tracks feature guiro, salt shaker, chop sticks and electronic drums. All instruments/vocals by VJ Jones. The link below is for Caution Cat's Amazon Artist page.

 Three more tunes from Love Cuts: Room Elephants was written in Autumn 2014. This finished version was recorded in Spring of 2017 using the original bass, organ, lead vocal and lead guitar (a Target First Act guitar) from the '14 demo. Additional overdubs include tin can & chop sticks percussion, piano, back up vocals and several electric guitars with Phase & Flange FX. The album title "Love Cuts" comes from a lyric on the second verse of this song. Make a little Noise was written in Winter of 2015 and finished in 2017 with the additional vocals and percussion from Karen Shealy. The demo of this song from '15 was done on a Tascam 8-track and flown over to our Korg 32-track via RCA cords for more overdubs. VJ Jones added lead vocals and six guitar overdubs played on a Legacy Strat, an Epiphone Les Paul and a Hohner acoustic. Cynical Girl was written in 2016 on an acoustic guitar. The drum loop (from a guitar FX box!?!) and bass guitar were kept from the '16 demo and new overdubs in the Spring of '17 were added: four electric guitars, two acoustic guitars, organ, melodica and lyrics/vocals. The link below is for CCat's Amazon page.

          Week Two: three more Love Cuts cuts! Monkey Bars was written on bass guitar and recorded in the Spring of 2017. The tune also features melodic piano, synthesizer solos, fuzzy guitars, tempo changes and a spacey 70's vibe. All instruments/vocals by VJ Jones. Nova is an upbeat 80s inspired rock song with a lyrical theme that mirrors the album's title. Plenty of guitars and distorted keyboards. Additional percussion by Karen Shealy. The early 90s influenced That's Rose E was recorded twice with the first version as a Viva Bird instrumental featuring the acoustic drums of Chris Williams. This second version has a new arrangement, instruments and lyrics. Karen adds trombone and vocals. VJ sings lead, plays keyboards, bass & percussion. Nova and Rose E written and recorded in the Summer of 2017. Link below is for CDbaby site.

      Week One: Each seven to ten days or so over the next two months Caution Cat will post new songs from Love Cuts. First up, three new tunes: Good Rhapsody written on piano in 2017 using an unusual chord riff of C to F#. Started as a Viva Bird instrumental but soon changed over to a CCat rock song as the recording progressed. All music/vocals by VJ Jones. The Happy Hooligan written in 2016 and finished in August 2017 when Karen Shealy added Harmony vocals. This is the original basic tracks demo with new guitars/organ and lyrics added by VJ in Spring of 2017. Lots of chord changes on this one: B,E,B, F#,E,Eb to A on verses and the chorus is: A,B,C#, F#,E,D to G,A,Bm, Em,D,C to F,C,G,F,G,B......Get Used To It was originally written and a basic demo recording was made in 2013 with new overdubs and vocals in 2017. Karen sings, plays slide guitar and Trombone. VJ sings and plays bass, acoustic/electric guitars and Melodica/Organ. Minor to  major chords for verses (D, Dm, A, Am, F to G) All music recorded on a Korg 32 track multi recorder. iTunes link below for all Caution Cat music.

     Featured Music: Four songs from Stay Tuned! The first ten years of music from Caution Cat (2016) Fortune Fish, Give it up for the Dreamers, Sad songs set sail & It must be the gravity. The Featured music link below is the Amazon page for Stay Tuned!  

           Featured music this week are four tunes from the 2007 release Eighteen, the last of the one man band recordings. These recordings were made on a Zoom 16-track and named after the total number of songs on the album. About a third of the songs from the band's 3rd record have many TV show/web show/DVD placements over the last 10 years. The outtakes (Crowded basement bar, Rollin' & Landslide) from these sessions have placements in several TV shows, all now available on DVD. Our Movie page link has more details on those for further reading. Kickstand was written on ukulele and features banjo along with hand played drums. Hustle has some synth sound FX from another demo that was flown into the mix. Blacktop was written on piano and guitar with a synth & uke outro. Company Picnic was written on electric guitar and has vocal FX and silly lyrics. The link below is for the iTunes Caution Cat music page.

FEATURED MUSIC: 2 from 2 - Two songs from the last two Caution Cat records Lucky Number Eight & Heavy Light Years. Chris Williams plays acoustic drums and percussion on Head in the Clouds & The 45. Karen Shealy sings and plays slide electric & acoustic guitars. All music and vox by VJ Jones on Newspaper Trout & Old Cannonball. Link below is for Amazon page.

This weeks featured music includes four songs from the 2008 record Between Songs. It was the first record to have additional musicians/friends to help out with overdubs. Five out of the twelve songs have placements in several TV show and DVD releases. These were the last sessions to use a Zoom 16 track for recording as the band got a Korg 32 track a few months after this release in early 2008. It is the bands most keyboard heavy album and even has a song with no guitars titled Find Yourself. Since Viva Bird was formed in 2010 to create synth keyboard music Caution Cat has turned to a more guitar oriented band for the last five releases. The link below is for the Amazon page.

     This week's Featured Music are five tunes with vocals from Viva Bird's Traffic & Trees (2010) Although most of VBird's music spread across five records is instrumental today we have songs with lyrics. Walk you sideways is closer to a Caution Cat type song but there is an alternate mix with guitars muted and bouncy synths highlighted as is with Wake up and go home. Cool Cats is one of the bands best selling singles on Cdbaby. A remix for Cats is on the to do list. Here comes Monday is here in the original album form but a remix of the song was created for placement in the indie movie Good Night. Scissor Singer is the longest song of all VBird's commercially released music at 6:30. The song was also placed on the TV show LA INK.

Featured Music this week are the first four songs from the band's debut record Put On Your Headphones. Falling out of my Tree, Them Boxing Gloves, Hot Tomato and Dog Days. The Featured Music link below is for the Album's iTunes page site.

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