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Grow Music Project - Star Hill Studio (2 pages)

Santa Barbara Beach palms at boardwalk cafe
Steps down to studio's front door
Star Hill Studio front door view
Star Hill Studio sky & mountain view
Live room were the four of us cut basic tracks
Star Hill's Ryan Anderson jammin' and sound checkin' drums
Chris & Ryan setting up for guitar dubs at dusk on Sunday
VJ with Airline Tuxedo guitar ready for overdubs
Chris Williams on the skins covered with towels
The Star Hill Studio acoustic piano (that has a Charlie Chaplin connection)
Chris W on vintage Ludwig gold sparkle set
Aliens from another planet or the "Before Breakfast Club"
Star Hill Studio side view (control room looks out to this view)
Chris Williams Drums-PJ Bass-Chris Tyng Keys & Vox
Control room window vj selfie shot late Friday night
A Eastwood Airline and a G&L Tele are the main guitars used
We drink Zico Coconut Water when we're laying down basic tracks
Setting up mics for Alix from Ghost Tiger
lyrics to some song
Ryan & Chris setting up mics for vocal dubs
Outside grounds of Star Hill Studio
Chris Williams waiting & waiting (a drummers life)
New & older rare guitars paradise for us strummers
Control room gang listening to playback
PJ at Wulitzer E Piano. He can play a mean bass or gentle piano
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