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CAUTION CAT: Caution Cat

Sweden & Spain - Uploads & DVDs - June 1, 2013

    New mixes of older tunes, alternate versions and demos are now streaming on this site with more to come. Our YouTube channel contains several songs not available on any of the records. The songs Sing, Rollin' & Suzie Silver Wings are getting TV airtime time in Sweden as is Lean On Somebody & Landslide are in Spain. DVD tv show & movie releases featuring our music are now available at Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc along with all major online retailers including iTunes & Amazon. From drama with Life, Friday Night Lights and The Mentalist to comedy like Workaholics and I Just Want My Pants Back to reality shows including LA Ink & Plain Jane. There is something for everyone in all these great shows and many are now on Netflix.

Between Songs Album & TV Placements - March 4, 2013

between songs   Life DVD 2 Five years ago at this time was the release of the Between Songs record. The twelve song album features one of Caution Cat's best selling tunes "Spear" The somber piano ballad has been featured on NBC's Life television crime drama series that starred Damian Lewis and lasted two seasons. Both seasons are available on DVD and are worth checking out. The actor is now featured in the hit show Homeland on the Showtime channel. Between Songs also includes "Find Yourself" from Life, "Kim OKfrom Friday Night Lights and "Go Submarine" from MTV's I Just Want My Pants Back.

Caution Cat on MTV - Remix City Released - December 14, 2012

I Just Want  Remix City  Caution Cat have three songs on the season one DVD release "I Just Want My Pants Back" from MTV. The songs are Blacktop from Eighteen, Go Submarine from Between Songs and A Couple Of Years from the bombs away! record. Thanks to Rescue Records & 5 Alarm Music for the placements. The band have a new 14 song record of remixes & alternate takes titled "Remix City" available online from  The site also has Special Edition versions of past CCat records including bonus songs and alternate track listings. Recently the band signed the record Fortune Fire Fly with LoveCat Music of New York City and we look forward to working with the song publisher in 2013 and beyond. This past year the company landed CCat's first movie placement and Viva Bird's first TV song placements so a big thanks to Randy at LoveCat!

Fall News: Caution Cat Around the Globe - September 26, 2012

   Caution Cat songs are still going strong in re-runs around the globe, from Slovenia, Brazil, South Africa and Italy to Mexico, Spain, UK, Canada and the Czech Republic. Shows include Law & Order, The Mentalist, Plain Jane, The Black Donnellys and Huge among others. The television exposure has increased interest in the bands earlier catalog of songs from the first several records on iTunes & Amazon MP3 download sites. The latest release titled Fortune Fire Fly is now available everywhere records are sold and includes 15 tunes.

Caution Cat's 6th Anniversary - LX Network - August 24, 2012

monkey with headphones put on your headphones  Caution Cat's sixth anniversary lands in this hot month of August 2012. To date the band have a catalog of seven full length records and three online compilation records. The band will be signing a publishing deal with LoveCat Music in New York City to represent the group's new album Fortune Fire Fly. The songs Who Are You? and Suzy Silver Wings from the debut album Put On Your Headphones have been placed with LX TV (Life/Style Television) network show First Look and on RK Net Media.

Caution Cat Summertime News - June 22, 2012

   Recently the band's music has been getting repeat play in Sweden,Australian,Norway & The Netherlands television markets along with US airing on HBO & Comedy Central. Various demos and some unfinished outtakes from the last three Caution Cat records spanning 2008 to 2012 have been posted to the music player with more to come as they are found. Remixes and alternate versions from the latest record Fortune Fire Fly are also posted.

Caution Cat Songs on LA Ink - March 23, 2012

LA Ink   Caution Cat have five songs from the Show Business Donkey record on several episodes of L.A. INK Season Four. Song placements include Birdhouse, I Got Maria, Gift of Gab, Lean on Somebody and Figure It Out. The show airs on The Learning Channel in the USA and stars Kat Von D. See the "Movie TV DVD" link for episode details. Netflix is now streaming the movie Undocumented and all seasons of the NBC shows The Black Donnellys and Life featuring many CCat tunes. Reruns are still going strong around the World with Plain Jane, The Mentalist, How To Make It In America,etc. including newest additions The Czech Republic and The Slovak Republic.


Undocumented Movie DVD Release Today - February 7, 2012

  DVD release for the movie Undocumented is today and includes the Caution Cat song Gift of Gab from the record Show Business Donkey.  Around The Globe the band's music has recently been on tv shows in: Hong Kong (Rollin')   Australia (Earthquake,Rollin')   Romania (Cool Stars,Sing)    France (Suzie Silver Wings,Rollin,Sing)  Sweden (Suzie Silver Wings,Sing)  UK (Landslide)    Canada (Rollin')   Mexico (Suzie Silver Wings,Sing)  USA (Get Out Of The Sticks,Landslide,Rollin')      

New Record FORTUNE FIRE FLY - January 3, 2012

Fortune Fire Fly  Caution Cat starts a new year with a new record titled "Fortune Fire Fly" and it has a total of 15 tunes including three bonus songs. The cd is available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby plus all other major streaming services and retailers. The recordings were done at our home demo studio with additional mixing and mastering done at Minimum Wage Recording by Lance Koehler. For a limited time most of the tunes will be streaming full length at this site. 

Show Business Donkey Song In Film - November 2, 2011

Undocumented  Caution Cat has a song from the Show Business Donkey record called Gift Of Gab in a film titled "Undocumented" The movie stars Scott Mechlowicz from Eurotrip, Alona Ta from Pretty Little Liars and Peter Stormare from Wilford/Entourage/etc. The film is in the Thiller/Drama genre and so far has had a limited 2011 theatrical release.The DVD is set to be released on Jan 17th 2012.

HBO Show on DVD - Rollin' keeps on Rolling - October 8, 2011

  how to make it in America  The season one DVD of HBO's "How to Make It in America" is now available for sale and includes the Caution Cat song "Landslide" in episode six. This particular episode "Good Vintage" has recently been in re-runs in The US, Mexico and Brazil. Season Two of the show started in early October so check it out. Also getting replay on Mexican TV is the show "Plain Jane" from the CW Network with the song "Lean On Somebody" from our last record "Show Business Donkey"  The B-Side "Rollin" is still going strong after two years in Canada,France and Poland from reruns of "The Mentalist" The song has also had recent television replays on NBCs "Law And Order: Los Angeles"  

Caution Cat song on Friday Night Lights - August 23, 2011

friday night lights  Caution Cat have a song titled "Kim OK" on the fourth season of NBCs "Friday Night Lights" The ballad is from the album "Between Songs" released back in 2008. This version of the song is actually the original demo but the song has since been re-recorded at Mimimum Wage Recording and is as of yet unreleased. The second season of the show had a song from the Eighteen record called "Number Two" (Different Day) on it. This upbeat tune was all Loops & keyboards but no guitars; a precursor to Viva Bird maybe. The band celebrates its 5th anniversary this month working on a new album.

Summertime Updates & Around The World - July 12, 2011

   Caution Cat is near finishing its 7th record for an early 2012 release. It is the most guitar based record to date with a touch of some horns,uke,keyboards,etc. In the last few months the bands music has been getting airtime around the World via re-runs of American TV shows including Life,The Black Donnellys,The Mentalist,Law & Order and HBOs How To Make It In America. Some of the countries are The Czech Republic,Romania,Denmark,South Africa,Sweden,Canada,Germany,UK and Australia.

CCat Song On Law And Order TV Show - February 18, 2011

law and order  The song Rollin' by Caution Cat has been placed on the new television show Law & Order: Los Angeles episode Harbor City. The cast includes Terrence Howard and Alfred Molina and they are both great. Several tunes and instrumentals from the band have been scattered on various MTV shows over the past few months. Most of these reality shows use a lot of songs in the background for a very short time; "scattershot music" might be a good name for it.

Caution Cat On The Radio - December 11, 2010

show biz donk  vBird  Thanks to local radio station 102.1 The X for playing "Show Business Donkey" & "Sad Songs Set Sail" from Caution Cat and "A Hair Early" from Viva Bird on Sunday night's show. Please support your favorite band and check out the local music show!  The electro/pop side project VIVA BIRD has signed the debut record "Traffic And Trees" to a publishing deal; see Viva Bird blog for details.

Caution Cat on Skins UK Show - October 6, 2010

black donnellys skins  Caution Cat Autumn news: The band has music in several shows around the World of late. The Black Donnellys first and only season has been airing on Finnish television with three song placements from the debut record. In Australia the UK show Skins Season One and Two have included CCat music as well as a South Africian network. This past year music from the first four records has recieved increased sales and play on internet and commercial radio stations thanks to airplay on TV and streaming services.

Caution Cat Music on CW Show PLAIN JANE - August 11, 2010

plain jane  The Caution Cat song "Lean On Somebody" from the Show Business Donkey record has been played on the new CW network television show PLAIN JANE. The tune can be heard in the 3rd episode "Do Over Jane" during the beach segment. Additional info about the show: PLAIN JANE hosted by Louise Roe is a new summer reality series that transforms one woman from the inside out to reveal a brand new woman. Each of the eight episodes will feature a new "Jane" searching for the change of a lifetime.

Caution Cat Birthday News - July 27, 2010

 CCat glasses logo Tarinatalo logo  Caution Cat is celebrating its 4th birthday this Summer so we've blown out the candles and sliced the cake!  Foo Bear Music/Caution Cat have placed various instrumental musical tunes with outlets across the globe. In Australia with Mushroom Music PTY, a couple of songs with Black Box Revenue in the US of A and a song on the TV network Tarinatalo for a reality show that airs in Finland called Ratula. The band has recorded about 20 tunes so far for its next album but as of now there is no release date or title. The side project VIVA BIRD is soon to be pressed up and made available in September of 2010. 

Show Business Donkey Song on ABC's Huge - June 25, 2010

huge  The song "Lean On Somebody" will be on the new ABC Family show "Huge" The tune is from "Show Business Donkey" and will air on the 5th episode at the end of July. ABC Family Premieres, "Huge," on Monday, June 28th, at 9 pm ET starring Nikki Blonsky from the movie adaptation of HAIRSPRAY. Summertime news for Caution Cat: The band has been busy recording new music and upgrading the studio and guitar collection. A Fender Telecaster, a Gibson Les Paul Special and a Martin acoustic for more 6 string power. The latest record, Show Business Donkey has been signed by LoveCat Music in New York City! The side project Viva Bird has a debut record coming out in early Fall; it is being mixed and mastered over the next month. More news to come!

New Electro Pop Project VIVA BIRD - May 28, 2010

vbird dots logo  Caution Cat has formed a new electro pop musical project called VIVA BIRD with a focus on synth keyboard dominated instrumental music in various genres including electronica, soundtrack, pop experimental, etc. The debut record will be released in the Fall of 2010.

Caution Cat Song on HBO Show - April 5, 2010

how to make it in America  Caution Cat have a song on the new HBO show How To Make It In America. The tune is called Landslide and was written on ukulele during the Eighteen recording sessions back in 2007. It is one of two versions of the song on an unreleased record also titled Landslide. LoveCat Music in New York City has signed the unreleased cd to a publishing deal and placed the song on the show. The TV series is produced by Mark Wahlberg's production company, the same people who make HBO's hit show Entourage. Update: Many songs from the unreleased outtakes record are available as individual downloads on the ReverbNation site.

New Record SHOW BUSINESS DONKEY - March 15, 2010

SB Donkey  Caution Cat's sixth full-length release SHOW BUSINESS DONKEY will be officially available on Tuesday March 16th, 2010. Self produced and recorded in our cozy little demo studio the record contains 14 tunes. Lance Koehler did the mastering at Minimum Wage Studios and Discmakers did the art and pressing. Update: Check out the tunes on this website including new remixes and alternate takes.    

CAUTION CAT at the Movies AMC & Regal - December 7, 2009

18  CAUTION CAT has a song titled MATCHBOOK HISTORY (Living Every Second) from the EIGHTEEN record playing in movie theatres all across the USA starting January 2010. This is the music that plays in the Regal Cinema chain Nationwide - before the feature film and sometimes in the lobbies and ticket lines, including these chains: AMC, UA, Edwards, & Regal. Last year the song Perfect Disaster from Put On Your Headphones was played in the Regal Cinema chain.

Caution Cat Song on The Mentalist tonight - September 3, 2009

    mentalist dvd 2   A Caution Cat song will be featured on the CBS show "The Mentalist" tonight Sept 3rd, 2009 at 10 PM EST. The tune is called "Rollin" and the episode is called A Dozen Red Roses. This is a season one repeat (first aired in April 2009) Season Two of the hit network show starts Sept 24th 2009. The Complete First Season DVD will be available on Sept 22, 2009.

Caution Cat 3rd BDay - South Of Nowhere - August 1, 2009

south of nowhere  Caution Cat has placed some instrumental music on MTV's "The N" network for the TV show SOUTH OF NOWHERE. The show aired from 2005 until 2008 for three seasons and past episodes can be viewed at the shows website. The band is having its third birthday this month and currently recording with friends and family members for the follow up to "bombs away" So far a release date has not been set. 

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