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CAUTION CAT: Caution Cat

LOVE CUTS available everywhere! - February 22, 2019

Caution Cat's latest record LOVE CUTS is available everywhere downloads are sold. Purchase a single song or the whole album!

Caution Cat's 12th Birthday - August 1, 2018

    For Caution Cat's 12th birthday we are streaming the debut record "Put on your Headphones" with an alternate song order. The music was recorded from May to August 2006 on a Boss BR-8 multi-track recorder. Eight of the eleven tracks were written on piano with three written on guitar: Falling out of my Tree, Queenie and Them Boxing Gloves. Dog Days was the first song written on May 1st at the start of the recording sessions. There are about 10 other songs/outtakes that have yet to be released from these summer sessions. 

Caution Cat music around the World - March 25, 2018

 The band turns 12 years young this year and in 2018 Caution Cat still have music placements all around the World from many television shows on many different networks! Here is a partial list: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, Uruguay, United States and many more. Thanks to everyone everywhere who have ordered a cd or purchased a download of our music!

Love Cuts record release - November 10, 2017

Caution Cat's new record Love Cuts has been released with 12 original songs. It will first be available only as a download on about 40 different sites including Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, Google, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic, Last FM, Deezer, etc. We hope to press up cds in the near future. We will also be posting extra songs from the same recording sessions that will not be on the record: outtakes, demos, remixes, etc. More detailed info of each week's music will be posted on the ETC page. CD Baby will have a low price special offer on the record download in November & December.

New record Love Cuts on the way - August 6, 2017

    Caution Cat is eleven years young this month!!!! The 10th Caution Cat record of original music Love Cuts is on the way who knows when. Doing final overdubs with Karen Shealy adding vocals, percussion, trombone, mixing and whatever else. Artwork is done so stay tuned for a sneak peak of the album cover! Twelve songs total.....

Nothing but real love on TNT show - January 13, 2017

         The Caution Cat song "Nothing but real love" from the record Show Business Donkey is on the TNT detective program "Rizzoli and Isles" The episode is titled Shadow of Doubt and is the fifth show on season seven. This upbeat tune features Karen on harmony vocals, bass and slide guitar, Chris on acoustic drums/percussion, VJ on lead vox, guitars & uke solo. The song plays in the background of a restaurant bar scene near the end of the show. We will post the info when that episode airs again as a repeat. There is talk of a reboot for the series according to TV guide and down the road syndication for all 105 episodes. The drama light comedy show stars Angie Harmon, Bruce McGill (Animal House) Lorraine Bracco (Goodfellas) and Sasha Alexander. Recurring cast of stars include Donnie Wahlberg and Jacqueline Bisset. Additional show info under our MOVIE TV DVD link.

Let Me Fly on Aussie TV show - September 17, 2016

 Caution Cat have a new song placement on the TV show Julie Zemiro's Home delivery season three. The song is Let Me Fly from the 2012 record Fortune Fire Fly. Show info: Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery is an Australian television comedy interview series on ABC1, starring Julia Zemiro and produced by Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder. A DVD set containing Seasons 1-4 of the show has been released through Roadshow Entertainment. Julia interviews one subject (usually a comedian) per week, often in vintage cars and locations important to each interviewed guest. Check out both versions of Let Me Fly on our site player.

Compilation Album STAY TUNED! Now Available - June 14, 2016

 To mark the band's ten year anniversary Caution Cat will have a compilation record available on June 14th 2016. "STAY TUNED! The first ten years of music from Caution Cat" This is equal to two records for the price of one with 24 tunes from all nine albums including two alternate song versions never before available for download. Seven of the songs have been in various television show & DVD releases including Who Are You? from NBCs Life and Number Two from Friday Night Lights. To see the list of songs on this compilation album go to the music tab and click on Stay Tuned! to open up the record contents. The 24 song record will be released on Tuesday June 14th on Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, Google Play and all other music download websites and vendors big & small.

New Feature: Album of the Month - April 8, 2016

     To celebrate Caution Cat's tenth anniversary in 2016 we are starting a new feature: ALBUM OF THE MONTH in chronological order from April right through to December.  April - Put On Your Headphones May – Collecting Clouds  June – Eighteen July - Between Songs August - bombs away! September - Show Business Donkey October - Fortune Fire Fly November – Lucky Number Eight December - Heavy Light Years. You can listen to five or more songs from each featured album streaming free on this sites music player at the top of the website each month and read recording details on each album by clicking on the "ETC" link. Caution Cat's music is currently playing on various networks in sixteen countries around the world. All of the television shows and movies are streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon & iTunes with DVDs of complete seasons also available for purchase wherever DVDs are sold!

New Caution Cat album Heavy Light Years - February 25, 2016

 To be released on March 8th 2016: Heavy Light Years is Caution Cat's latest album with twelve new songs of original rock and pop electro music including two instrumentals. This collection of songs features electric and acoustic guitars, bass, ukulele, piano, synths, drum machines, acoustic drums & various electronic and acoustic percussion. Family and friends added their talent and time to complete the band's ninth album of original music. A nice mix of band recordings and one man band compositions. Downloadable version can be found iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, CD Baby, Tidal and many more music providers.

Caution Cat is 9 years young this month - August 1, 2015

     Caution Cat celebrates it's ninth year of making music and having more fun than ever. Recently the band released the record Lucky Number Eight featuring ten all original tunes and have had several new music placements in movie & tv/network shows over the past year. Back catalog songs from past music placements are still going strong around the world in reruns and replays on every continent except Antarctica (but we're working on that) Lots of new stuff to come including a demo/outtakes release and a 10th anniversary deluxe edition of the debut album Put On Your Headphones.

CCAT Tune On French TV Network - July 1, 2015

  The Caution Cat song Falling Out Of My Tree has been playing on the French television network show Game One. The tune opens the debut record Put On Your Headphones and is a minor chord acoustic guitar driven song. Game One is a French television channel owned by MTV Networks Europe. The channel shows several programs based on video gaming. It also airs Japanese anime on a regular basis, such as Fairy Tail, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z Kai and Eyeshield 21.

New Album LUCKY NUMBER EIGHT released today - May 5, 2015

 The new record Lucky Number Eight is released today on 5-5-15 containing ten songs of home-recorded rock & pop music. This is the band's eighth record of original music to be released and the fourth to include drummer Chris Williams & singer multi-instrumentalist Karen Shealy. Karen co-wrote the song The 45 and also played bass, electric guitar/slide guitar and sang on several tunes. Chris played acoustic drums and acoustic percussion. VJ Jones sang lead and played guitars and bass along with various keyboards & melodica. The photo of the rabbit on the album cover was taken right outside of the room the band used for recording. As the sun was going down on a beautiful Sunday afternoon the animal stayed right on the grass as if he was waiting for his photo to be taken. After a few snaps he hung around for another 5 minutes and then hopped away towards some trees. He was very large and stayed calm while chewing on something. Altogether very Zen-like. All the songs are streaming on this site and the record download will be available at all the usual spots: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and about 25 other sites. Download the album for $5.00 

GMP Update 2015 - April 1, 2015

APRIL 2015 -- The Caution Cat song "Just Give Me Your Good Times" will have a (?) 2016 release along with the band's Grow Music Project video episode. Pulling unreleased song demos, alternate mixes & outtakes from the recording vaults (actually a Rubbermaid container) so check them out over the next few months; every week many of these songs will be added to the site player..... FEB 2015 -- Caution Cat have their song Dirty Windows in the comedy TV show THE LEAGUE and two songs in the indie film Wet Behind The Ears. Check out the CCat blog for details..... Jan 2015 update: Caution Cat music has been getting television play in new areas of the world including Argentina, Croatia, Brazil, Latvia, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Poland with 17 songs in many TV shows across the globe. The band's episode for The Grow Music Project is due any day now...... The band are back from California and The Grow Music Project. There are two pages of photos from the sessions at Star Hill Studio posted under the "visuals" link with more to come. Huge thanks to Chris & Kristin Tyng of The Grow Music project for making us feel right at home in their home but also giving us a damn good time! Special thanks to Ryan Andersen for not only the musical help and long days into night work but also the joys of a breakfast burrito. Additional high fives to PJ Corstjens for bass guitar and Alixandra Macmillan-Fiedel for back-up vocals. 

Feb 2015--3 new song placements for Caution Cat - February 11, 2015

   Caution Cat have three songs in a television show and an indie film. The song Dirty Windows from the album Fortune Fire Fly has been placed in the comedy tv show The League on the FX network. The episode is number nine "Taco Standard Time" in the sixth season. Most of the music was recorded at the bands demo studio with a guitar solo and additional back up vocals recorded at Minimum Wage Studio in Richmond VA. Karen did great guitar work and played horns on the upbeat tune. Two songs from the Show Business Donkey record, Lean On Somebody & Revolve, have been placed in the indie film Wet Behind The Ears. Lean On Somebody was also in the shows Huge, LA INK and Plain Jane (Do Over Jane in other parts of the world) The song Revolve features sound FX and a snappy ukulele solo among more traditional instruments such as the organ and electric guitar. Check out director Sloan Copeland's website for his other TV, web & movie projects.

Caution Cat is Eight This Month - August 1, 2014

   Caution Cat's eighth anniversary is this month in 2014. Up to this date the band has seven full length records with album number 8 already recorded but not mixed or mastered. The band has around 40 songs in approx. 20 different television shows & films not including online ads and web series. Their music has played in 30 countries all over the world. The band is still represented by LoveCat Music in New York and Rescue Records/5 Alarm Music in California.

The Grow Music Project - After Thoughts - April 7, 2014

   Monday April 7th - The GROW MUSIC PROJECT - Caution Cat are flying back to the East Coast from California today so lots of little tidbits of the trip & experiences can be found here with more to come. Some musical, some not: Caution Cat were chosen for the GMP with a song titled "Avalon" but were not required to record it. The founders of the GMP chose "Just Give Me Your Good Times' after we submitted about 10 other demos for consideration. The Pacific Coast Highway is a nice thing to travel on. We found everyone on the West Coast to be very friendly and helpful in all our travels and dealings. Low humidity is great. Coconut water is good for vocal chords. Its relaxing to stare at Llamas & Alpacas. We saw the silver haired actor from Mad Men at LAX as we were leaving for Santa Barbara. "No worries" is a better way to say "no problem" Hot sauce as a morning breakfast condiment somehow works. One of the camera operators filming us recording at Star Hill Studio works with Zane Lamprey of the Three Sheets & Drinking Made Easy tv shows. The song California Dreamin' takes on a new meaning. At a boardwalk café we viewed a few dolphins playing in shallow water near the beach and some screenwriters working on a script at a nearby table. Christopher Tyng went way above the call of duty to get us to California & back safely. Its cool to have Vocorder on a song and make it work. If you're ever at Santa Barbara beach please visit the nearby Funkyville, formally known as The Funk Zone.

Sunday Session For The Grow Music Project - April 6, 2014

Sunday April 6th: Ryan Andersen the assistant engineer & fellow musician takes the band into a scenic little town for a 9am Sunday breakfast at The Longhorn Coffee Shop. The view of this area on the drive to town includes Vineyards, horse farms and stunning winding road views. Somebody at lunch yesterday mentioned David Crosby from Crosby Still & Nash lives around here but we saw no David sightings on the drive in. We had the best breakfast burrito in the world and tried to explain the Richmond music scene to Ryan over coffee. Sessions resumed around 10am and feel a lot lighter and calm with less people in on the sessions. We tracked lead & back-up vocals but then discovered the music tempo (126 BPM) is a bit too fast by comparing it to the original demo (120 BPM) Some computer finagling is done and we are back in business. Ryan sings a much needed harmony back-up and runs the board while I'm doing some crazy falsettos on a few parts. We are on a roll but there is no way we will be done by 6pm so a taxi service is hired for midnight so we can get back to Los Angeles via Santa Barbara to catch our flight out on Monday. Guitar overdubs are next up until 10:30PM. The studio's guitars i played for dubs included an Airline electric with P-90s, a G & L Tele and a rare 1950's Silvertone hollow body guitar thru a vintage Silvertone amp head. Kristin Tyng arrives in the studio with packed sandwiches for the ride to LA and has a listen to the playback of "Just Give Me Your Good Times" Our work is done but Chris & Ryan will finish some overdubs and mixing on other days. We pack our bags and say goodbye to the Tyngs (many thanks!) and make the ride back to Santa Barbara with Ryan. We meet the friendly couple from the car service at a Starbucks, say thanks & goodbye to Ryan and then head out on the highway to LAX in a huge roomy van a few minutes after midnight.

GMP Tracking & Filming - A Studio Full - April 5, 2014

Saturday April 5th: Up early with free time before breakfast with sunny but cool weather. Hard not to take photos of the beautiful surroundings. Yesterday's playing live for 5 or 6 hours to shape the tune was a good workout so I hope my voice holds up today for tracking some vocals. We start around 10 am and record all the takes live until 2pm with Ryan recording each one first to analog tape on a Studer reel to reel and then into the digital world. We meet a new person helping out today for the Grow Music Project sessions named Andre', a college intern who also films footage of the sessions. We now have takes to form a foundation for the overdubs. Today's lunch with the film guys and musicians is outside on the stone patio with the mountains as a nice backdrop. We have an excellent lunch made by the producer of the GMP Kristin Tyng, who also played a key part in choosing the song we are recording. The meal includes an oriental chicken salad and lemonade with homemade cookies for dessert. I could have a separate blog for how well the Tyngs fed and spoiled us. Movies and film-making are the subject for most of the meal so we are all fat & happy. After a fun but also daunting filmed interview session with Chris & I about Caution Cat, the GMP and our musical journey we meet a special guest who is coming in to do harmony vocals. Her name is Alix Macmillan-Fiedel from the band Ghost Tiger and she says she feels our pain about doing interviews since she has the same anxiety. Being interviewed about music is much harder than making it. Discussion on the backing vocal tracks is done and Alix works hard to help build the song. By 9PM we are done so a huge party of people head up to the Tyng's house for Pizza and a local brewed beer 805. We make a toast to all the artists and production people who have helped make this all such a good and productive time. After a late dinner we all saunter back down to the studio so the folks leaving can pack up film equipment & musical instruments. We say our goodbyes full of pizza and a few beers. Thanks to PJ for nailing the bass part and hipping us to life in Belgium, his home country. Also thanks to Josh & Drew who not only stuck cameras in our faces but made us laugh more than a few times. Thanks to Alix for her time & voice  (on a Saturday night no less) Tomorrow will be a long day of tracking so caution cat crashes hard.

Full Day at Star Hill & The Grow Music Project - April 4, 2014

Friday April 4: Waking up after a good nights sleep at 7am gives us 2 hours to shower & check out the beautiful Santa Ynez mountain surroundings, talk music & fiddle on the studio instruments downstairs. A 3 string cigar box guitar, a ukulele, classical & acoustic guitars and even an old acoustic piano that Charlie Chaplin once played (but that's another story) Breakfast at 9am in the Tyng family house, right up the hill, after taking some photos of the studio & farmland. We chat about music among other things with Chris Tyng & studio engineer Ryan Andersen at a giant kitchen table with a nice mountain view. A friend of Ryan's named PJ will play bass on the track and is on his way from Los Angeles. After breakfast we head down to the studio and start setting up instruments in one room so we can play the song Good Times live first & work on an arrangement. PJ arrives and fits right in to the scene with a great attitude & talent. Chris Tyng plays keyboards, sings & creates a cool new bridge for our song. Ryan records the work from the control room and we make many takes with vocals before lunch about 4 hours later (excellent homemade deli sandwiches) After lunch two film crew guys named Josh & Drew arrive and unload their equipment and set up lights (pros with much TV & movie experience and a great sense of humor) We continue playing the song and tweeking it. The film crew starts to film for the Grow Music Project web show as we rock out. Zico Coconut water is the drink of choice while working although the studio fridge is stocked with about 10 different beverages. PJ has to leave by 6pm for a gig in LA (a 2 hour drive!) and will be back tomorrow. Sometime after 7PM we stop for dinner and go to a local Mexican restaurant as a party of eight. The food & conversation are both great fun combined with margaritas. Back to the studio for more drum sound tweaking until about 11PM.

Santa Barbara CA - Takin' It Easy Under The Sun - April 3, 2014

Thursday April 3rd: Last night's bar hop is felt this morning but there is a great bistro up the road a bit with fresh coffee & bagels we are told. Breakfast outside in the sun on the bistro's patio is perfect. Today is take it easy day and we discuss the song we think we might do at the studio (Room Elephants) and then later sit on the boardwalk looking out into the Pacific, people watching and enjoying a lunch of fish & chips from The East Beach Grill. Sailboats, hang gliders, bikinis, skateborders/bike riders, sand & surf. I now understand why people love California. Later tonight we will meet songwriter producer Chris Tyng from the Grow Music Project for the first time. He picks us up at the hotel and takes us to dinner at The Seven Bar & Kitchen around 6PM to meet his friend & studio engineer Ryan who already has a table for us. They both agree we should record a different song called "Just Give Me Your Good Times" After dinner we drive about 40 minutes to his home & studio to meet his wife and producer of the GMP, Kristen and 1 of 2 sons and the family dog Ella. We then get a tour of the studio and outdoor area just a few walks down a stone stepped hill. Its a bit like heaven on earth packed with great modern & vintage equipment. The homestead also include four Alpaca and a Llama on a picturesque farm. Its dark out so we cant see the mountains in the far off distance. We are beat and go to sleep in private rooms by 11 pm on the second floor of Chris' Studio. Tomorrow we will start working on our song at 10am after a 9am breakfast.

Grow Music Project - From East Coast to West Coast - April 2, 2014

Weds April 2cd: Chris and VJ arrived in Los Angeles from Richmond on Weds April the 2cd and after a nice LAX lunch made their way via a travel bus up the scenic Pacific Coast Highway and on to Santa Barbara with the Pacific Ocean on the left and mountains on the right. We traveled at a time the traffic was low so the bus moved right along. Checked in at the hotel just a stones throw from the Pacific Ocean; Mountains behind us. We like it. Took a nice walk to the more happening part of town that included a swanky guitar/uke store named Guitar Bar, The Figueroa Mountain Brewery, a pizza joint (Barbarians?) with good local beers on tap, a meat market type bar with lots of pretty people and a .99 cents store. We didn't make it into the other 300 places as we were jet lagged, full on dinner and had a long walk back to the hotel. Karen could not make this trip so we miss her. We will do a toast to her for morning coffee. Tomorrow we go to Star Hill Studio for the Grow Music Project.

Caution Cat & The Grow Music Project - November 18, 2013

    Caution Cat have been selected to be a part of The Grow Music Project based in Santa Barbara California by composer & producer Christopher Tyng. The GMP chose 4 bands/artists from all over the country to participate from February to April 2014. The band will travel to California and record a song at his Star Hill Studios. The project will also have a film crew to document each bands separate recording session. We thank Christopher and his team at The Grow Music Project and look forward to the experience of recording in his studio. His website has details about the GMP and great photos of his awesome studio, people & equipment   Here's info from his site about the project      "The idea of this project is about us PAYING IT FORWARD. We love discovering and working with compelling new artists, and helping great new songs come to life in the studio. Our goal is to help bring to light a selection of self-motivated artists that are already working hard to achieve their goals; who really deserve to be noticed, and who can use the extra push that comes from having their best song produced and recorded in a high-end creative environment and with the benefit of some of the best available recording tools"
CHRISTOPHER TYNG is a songwriter, composer and producer who has worked with a wide variety of successful artists, and has written and produced music and songs for successful movies and television series in Hollywood over the past 20 years. As an integral member of the music team and often the sole composer of the music scores on TV shows such as "THE OC", "FUTURAMA", "RESCUE ME", "COVERT AFFAIRS", "SUITS" as well as many others, Chris has helped define and shape the sound and signature musical styles for these iconic and music-aware series, which in-turn have helped introduce and boost the careers of many new and independent artists.

35 New Caution Cat Song Demos Streaming - November 10, 2013

     New Caution Cat demos of song ideas are posted to the site player for audio streaming. For a collection of demos these cuts are a bit fancy with lots of overdubs to flesh out the arrangements. Stuff used for recording: A yard sale Casio keyboard (40 bux) for piano/synth and drum beats. A twenty dollar electric guitar purchased via Craig's List made by First Act Musical Instruments. Shure mic with stand from Amazon (37 smackaroos) & a borrowed Ibanez bass (Thanks Justin) A used Guitar Works acoustic guitar since traded in for a Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat acoustic half way through sessions. Cut all the tracks on a Korg D3200 and made mixdowns to a Teac CD burner. Overall a fairly affordable way to make some music not counting the coffee expense. Hope you find a song you like and stay tuned for more songs to be added as they are finished and mixed.

Caution Cat Is Seven - Macy's - August 2, 2013

   Caution Cat have been making music for seven years as of this August. The band are celebrating via CD Baby to offer the entire catalog of seven album downloads for only $4.99 each for the months of August & September. Physical CDs are also set to a reduced price so please take a look over at the CD Baby site; there is a link on the "buy buy" button on this site.  The Caution Cat song The Empire State from the Show Business Donkey record is in Macy's Big Show a corporate event and video for Macy's Department Store.

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