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Blue Jean Junkie


Blue Jean Junkie from the album Fortune Fire Fly (2012) This tune features the original click track on the intro just because it sounded very cool weaving in between the other instruments. Inspiration? 1970s Elton meets Bowie: glam rock mid section, falsetto back-up vocals, stop/start arrangement. The lead guitar played is a 1974 Univox hollow-body through a fender amp and the rocking mid section has a double-cutaway Gibson Les Paul double tracked. Back-up vocals were sampled and replayed over on the outro along side a backward guitar solo. The Korg 32-track we recorded the whole album on has an effect that reverses recorded sounds and the sampler is a Roland unit from the late 1990s. Chris played acoustic drums/percussion and VJ sang and played acoustic/electric guitars/bass. Additional instruments include organ, electro percussion and ukulele. Lance Koehler did further mixing and final mastering.