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Caution Cat is a rock band created by musician and songwriter VJ Jones in the summer of 2006. The group started as a solo project but for the last six records, added the talents of two friends. Karen Shealy on vocals and various instruments including guitars, bass and horns. Chris Williams plays the acoustic drums, electronics and assorted percussion. Many of the group's records also include an interchangeable cast of family & friends lending a helping hand. Caution Cat music as both songs and instrumentals have been placed in 52 various movie, t.v. show, web series, online adverts and DVD releases. In November of 2017 the band released its tenth album of original music, "Love Cuts"  Discography: Put On Your Headphones (2006) Collecting Clouds (2007) Eighteen (2007) Between Songs (2008) bombs away! (2009) Show Business Donkey (2010) Fortune Fire Fly (2012) Lucky Number Eight (2015) Heavy Light Years (2016) Stay Tuned! the first ten years of music from Caution Cat (2016) Love Cuts (2017) 

VIVA BIRD  is a side project mix of synthesizer melodies & loops including instrumentals and songs with vocals. From electro pop to experimental collage the music also may touch on the genres of sampling/cut & paste, underground hip hop, electronica, techno/new wave, etc. The music also feature the traditional rock & folk instruments of electric guitars, ukulele, acoustic percussion, horns, melodica and various assorted noisemakers VIVA BIRD music has been featured in two television shows and one movie. Discography: Traffic & Trees (2010) Rainbow Low Fidelity (2013) The Chaos Kids (2013) Moon Rock (2015) Wonder Full Volume One (2016)

DISCOGRAPHY for online only and free streaming music: Caution Cat have many uploads on YouTube and this site contains a large amount of demos,unreleased & rare tunes. Viva Bird have three free streaming (not for sale) e.p.s titled Prize Tiger, Imperfect Strangers & Call The Sharks on the same YouTube channel. The music uses sounds found on YouTube to create new original songs.